Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs?

Who manufactures Harley Davidson spark plugs? If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast then you would like to know the answer I guess?

NGK Spark Plugs is the Official Spark Plug of Harley Davidson and manufactures spark plugs for all Harley Davidson motorcycles. NGK has been a partner of Harley Davidson for over 30 years and supplies spark plugs, ignition coils, and other products for their motorcycles.

NGK Spark Plugs are designed specifically for use in Harley Davidson engines and are available in both Iridium and Platinum versions to provide superior performance and durability.

If you are a Harley Davidson enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the information we have in store for you. Lets Begin

What Do Spark Plugs Do For Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine?

Spark plugs are one of the most important components of a Harley Davidson motorcycle engine. They create the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders, which in turn powers the engine.

Who Manufactures Harley Davidson Spark Plugs

Harley Davidson spark plugs are specifically designed to work with the high-performance engines found in these motorcycles. Harley Davidson recommends that spark plugs be replaced every 20,000 miles to ensure optimal engine performance.

Over time, spark plugs can become fouled with deposits from the combustion process, which can reduce their efficiency. Replacing spark plugs on a regular basis helps to keep the engine running at peak performance.

The Iridium spark plugs are especially designed to provide increased resistance to fouling and improved ignition performance. The Platinum spark plugs offer even better longevity and resistance to fouling.

Why Is It Important To Find The Right Spark Plug For Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson motorcycles are high performance machines that require the best possible spark plugs to keep them running at their peak. There are many different types and brands of spark plugs on the market, so it’s important to find the right one for your Harley.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a spark plug is the heat range. The heat range is the measure of a spark plug’s ability to dissipate heat. It’s measured in degrees Celsius and is usually printed on the side of the plug.

Spark plugs with a higher number have a higher heat range and are better able to dissipate heat. This is important for Harley Davidson motorcycles because they generate a lot of heat, and a plug that can’t dissipate heat well will cause engine damage.

Another thing to consider when choosing a spark plug is the material it’s made from. The most common materials are copper, nickel, and iridium. Copper plugs are the least expensive but don’t last as long as other materials.

Nickel plugs are more expensive but last longer and provide better performance. Iridium plugs are the most expensive but offer the best performance and longest life.

When choosing a spark plug for your Harley Davidson, it’s important to consider both the heat range and the material it’s made from. copper, nickel, and iridium plugs all have their pros and cons.

So it’s up to you to decide which is best for your motorcycle. Whichever plug you choose, make sure it’s the right one for your Harley Davidson.

How To Identify The Right Spark Plugs For Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle?

It’s important to choose the right spark plugs for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The wrong choice can lead to engine damage, and it can be expensive to replace them. Here are some tips on how to identify the right spark plugs for your motorcycle.

How To Identify The Right Spark Plugs For Your Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Spark plugs come in different sizes, so you’ll need to know the size of your motorcycle’s engine. You can find this information in your owner’s manual. Once you know the size, you can narrow down your choices.

Harley Davidson motorcycles require specific types of spark plugs. Make sure to check what type of plug is recommended for your motorcycle. You can find this information in your owner’s manual or online.

Spark plugs have different heat ranges. The wrong heat range can cause engine damage. Make sure to choose a spark plug with the correct heat range for your motorcycle.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can compare prices and read reviews to find the best spark plugs for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Be sure to follow the installation instructions that come with your new plugs.

If you’re not sure which spark plugs are right for your motorcycle, ask a professional at your local Harley Davidson dealer. They can help you find the right plugs and make sure they’re installed correctly.

How To Install A New Spark Plugs In Your Harley Davidson?

If you’re looking to keep your Harley Davidson running like a well-oiled machine, then it’s important to regularly replace your spark plugs. Not only do new spark plugs improve your bike’s performance, but they also help to prevent potential engine damage down the road.

Luckily, installing new spark plugs in a Harley Davidson is actually a pretty simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. All you’ll need is a new set of spark plugs, a ratchet, and a spark plug socket.

Begin by pulling off the plastic cover on the side of your engine. This will expose the spark plugs. Using your ratchet and spark plug socket, unscrew the spark plugs and discard them.

Next, take your new set of spark plugs and insert them into the sockets. Be sure to hand-tighten them before using your ratchet to fully secure them. Once they’re tight, replace the plastic cover and you’re good to go!

With just a few minutes of work, you can ensure that your Harley Davidson is running at peak performance. Be sure to replace your spark plugs every few months to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

How Often You’ll Need To Replace Your Harley Davidson’s Spark Plugs?

Just like any other motorcycle, your Harley Davidson needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. One important aspect of maintaining your Harley is replacing the spark plugs on a regular basis. But how often should you replace them?

The answer to that question depends on a few factors, including the type of spark plugs you’re using and how often you ride your motorcycle.

Generally speaking, you should replace your spark plugs every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. However, if you ride frequently or in dusty conditions, you may need to replace them more often.

If you’re not sure when to replace your spark plugs, consult your Harley Davidson’s owner’s manual or ask a professional mechanic.

Replacing your spark plugs on a regular basis will help keep your motorcycle running properly and prevent potential problems down the road.


The Harley Davidson spark plugs are manufactured by a company called Motorcraft. This company is a division of Ford Motor Company, and they produce a wide variety of automotive parts and accessories.

If you need to replace your spark plugs, or just want to do some routine maintenance on your bike, it’s important that you use the right parts. Make sure to get Motorcraft spark plugs specifically designed for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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